NS3 – the BUS professional

Our bus professional.

Metal gears and aluminum pressure casting elements are the highest quality features for this compact precision joystick. The bearing is provided in a special pairing of bronze and plastic and enables very precise and delicate work. The special console design enables activation of electronic elements such as Hall contacts and potentiometers and the use of up to three switch contacts. Several bus and amplifier printed circuit boards are available as units that can be integrated on the underside with special encapsulation for EMC purposes. Pulse-width-modulated power distribution for activation of solenoid valves is also available. Of course, we also offer special connecting links for the guidance of the sturdy 12 mm handle shaft in addition to the standard connecting links. In combination with bus systems, the NS3 is suitable for tough conditions in construction, agricultural, and forestry applications, as well as for special machinery applications. There are also a wide range of handle options available from our modular system, or we can work with you to develop a custom version tailored to your requirements.