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Small installation depth.
The joystick M0N-W is due to its small installation depth ideal for installation in casings with low height. Despite its compact design it comes with a 1- or 2-axis version with spring return. Its body, made of durable plastic, serves as a carrier for the microswitches with flat plug connectors. Depending on the switching direction, one or two microswitches are fi tted with one change-over contact each. Thus, both single- pole (W) as well as two-pole switching functions (2W) can be realized. The version 2SW offers sequentially switching contacts in single pole version. The hollow lever, made of metal for reasons of stability, allows the construction of a handle with pushbutton. For applications with specifi c switching functions the joystick can be equipped with a cross or special gate. As a control switch for auxiliary functions it is, due to its low weight, ideally suited for installation in portable consoles as well as in fi xed operating stations.